Kevin Bruno Inc has the capacity to successfully manage, execute and complete any contracted projects up to 350 cubic yards or 25,000 square feet of flat work concrete per day depending on floor thickness. Our scope of work is mainly focused on concrete flat work and sidewalks. Our crew consists of skilled concrete finishers and laborers; using the most effective flattening techniques and graded equipment, KBI consistently strives to meet or exceed the highest FL and FF numbers possible.

We pour, finish, set forms and install reinforcing for the following:

- Slab on Grade                      - Steps
- Slab on Deck                        - Driveways
- Stamp Crete                         - Sidewalks
- Footings                                - Parking Lots
- Walls                                       - Other Private Parking
- Curbs                                      - Monolithic Slabs
- Structural Slabs                   - Vaults

Some of our equipment:             

- Somero S-10A Laser Screed                    
- Somero Copperhead Laser Screed         
- Somero Power Rake                                   
- Whiteman Ride On Power Trowel            
- Early Entry Walk Behind Soff Cut Saws
- Stone Concrete Buggies                            
- Excavator 

We also do:

- Light Excavation 
- Light Demo
- Fine Grade
- Repair Work